Collection: BODUM

Of the Bodum Travel Mug is ideal for the daily commute, vacation, the gym or just walking the dog. It reliably ensures that your coffee, tea or other favorite drink is always within reach, even when you are on the move.

At the heart of the Travel Mug's stylish, streamlined design is our innovative insulating double wall system. He keeps hot and cold drinks for hours at the optimal temperature so you can enjoy every sip. You can count on it feeling cool on the outside, even when the inside is piping hot. The stainless steel mug is encased in a non-slip silicone sleeve for convenient portability and features a secure lid with a drinking spout.

The combination of style, comfort and portability make this travel coffee mug one of the best for on the go. Plus, you can enjoy your drink all the more, knowing you've traded in your single-use cups for a more durable, eco-friendly alternative.