Kennst du schon der Kaffee aus Costa Rica?

Do you already know the coffee from Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America known not only for its beaches, but also for its rain and cloud forests, volcanoes, mountains and valleys. But it is also known for its high-quality coffee cultivation.

Coffee is an important agricultural export of the country and has a long tradition in Costa Rica. The different types of coffee from Costa Rica are often valued for their excellent quality and unique taste.

Some of the most famous coffee growing areas in Costa Rica are Tarrazú, Tres Ríos, Heredia and West Valley. The altitude and climatic conditions in these regions contribute to the development of coffee with complex flavors and pleasant acidity.

Costa Rica coffee is often classified as “SHB” (Strictly Hard Bean), meaning the coffee plants are grown at higher altitudes, resulting in slower growth and denser beans that can have a richer flavor development.

Typical flavors in Costa Rican coffee include citrus, chocolate, nuts and berries, depending on the growing region and processing method.

If you want to enjoy coffee from Costa Rica, look for names like “Tarrazú,” “Tres Ríos,” or “Monte Verde,” and more recently “Naranjo” to sample coffee from specific regions. There are various roasters and retailers that Offer Costa Rican coffee. In our Arabica Shop, Costa Rican coffee is now a click away: we offer online coffee directly from Costa Rica, cultivated, roasted and packaged directly in the “Origin”, imported to Germany and made to your requirements Address sent Contact us for several questions and enjoy the unique taste of Costa Rica coffee.

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